The Seiko Voice Note is a watch used by at least 3 of the four Ghostbusters. Ray, Egon and Peter are all seen wearing these watches in various scene shots making it presumably standard for all Ghostbusters. The Seiko Voice Note was to pick up EVPs [Electronic Voice Phenomena] as many paranormal investigators use voice recording technology.

The watch was released in 1983 and was produced in low numbers. This watch is made of carbon fiber and mineral Crystal Glass.

The price was high for its day. Its features include recording either 4 or 8 secs of audio, , backlight, MH&Seconds, date, stop watch, etc. All possible thanks to the internal 16KB solid state RAM memory storing verbal messages. You can fit both messages without being afraid that the short one will erase the longer one or vice versa.

Strap lenght is adjustable: 25cm.
Case With: 42mm (w/ pushers) / 35mm (w/o pushers).