The Seiko 7549 is one of the classic and famous Seiko watches thanks to its unique design and because it was the first ever diver’s watch with a Quartz movement and the first with a Titanium Case. The nickname Tuna is a reference to the shape of the watch compared to a tuna can.

This model is exactly the one worn by Roger Moore acting as James Bond in the 1981 movie “For your Eyes Only”.

The exact model worn by James Bond in the film is the Seiko 7549-7009 600m Professional Diver’s 600M S60583. This variation was released in 1978. This is the model with golden inner case, golden crown, screws and caseback. The titanium inner case was coated with Titanium nitride (from this comes the golden colour), an extremely hard ceramic material that has a golden appearance.

Currently all vintage Seiko Golden Tuna watches are still quite expensive – a well preserved model could cost well over $1500.