Just a few years ago, Dell Deaton confirmed that the first watch worn in Dr. No was in fact produced by Gruen Watch Company and was then switched out for a Rolex later in the movie. If you look carefully, this Gruen was the first watch to be worn on set during pre-production and the first day of shooting in the casino scene and when arriving at the airport in Jamaica.  The casino is where Sean Connery uttered his introduction, “Bond, James Bond,” The watch is barely visible under his shirt cuff and can be seen while dealing.

Sean Connery wearing a diver’s wristwatch in the car ride immediately following the iconic airport scene, films are not necessarily filmed in order. This is why Bond can be seen wearing a different watch in the car scene.

Some people have also theorized that the watch “showed up in the wrong place.” “Was it wrong for Bond to have arrived at the airport wearing his personal dress watch from the scenes in London? Or was he prematurely accessorized with the diver’s watch for his car ride?”

The watch worn by Connery as 007, was the Precision 510 featuring a 17-jewel movement with a 34 millimeter gold-filled case. In 1962, this Gruen Precision 510 was a well-functioning, respected, and nice-appearing wristwatch, in fact and in image presented. All things considered. It’s what gentlemen wore in 1962.