• The Seiko Voice Note is a watch used by at least 3 of the four Ghostbusters. Ray, Egon and Peter are all seen wearing these watches in various scene shots making it presumably standard for all Ghostbusters. The Seiko Voice Note was to pick up EVPs [Electronic Voice Phenomena] as many paranormal investigators use voice recording technology. The watch was released in 1983 and was produced in low numbers. This watch is made of carbon fiber and mineral Crystal Glass. The price was high for its day. Its features include recording either 4 or 8 secs of audio, , backlight, MH&Seconds, date, stop watch, etc. All possible thanks to the internal 16KB solid state RAM memory storing verbal messages. You can fit both messages without being afraid that the short one will erase the longer one or vice versa. Strap lenght is adjustable: 25cm. Case With: 42mm (w/ pushers) / 35mm (w/o pushers).
  • Please find in the gallery the screengrab from "The Lodger", showing a good close-up of 11th "The Doctor’s" wrist watch. TV Series (Season 05 Episode 11) - Doctor Who (2005)
  • James Bond (Sean Connery) wears a modified Breitling Top Time chronograph watch in the movie Thunderball (1965). The Breitling is given to Bond by Q and acts as a geiger counter. The Breitling Top Time has a stainless steel case, black dial, two metal subdials and a metal tachymeter ring around the dial. The original Top Time used in Thunderball was found at a car boot sale and bought for £25. It sold for more than £100,000 at the Christie’s Bond auction in 2013.
  • The watch was conceived by Italian car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro in the early 1980s, and is known for its blocky panel that houses chunky chronograph buttons to the right of the watch face. The Seiko 7a28 series are the world’s first watches to use an analog quartz chronograph movement. The 7A28-7000 was worn by actress Sigourney Weaver who plays the role of former warrant officer and alien attack survivor Ellen Ripley in the best action-horror movie ever made James Cameron’s 1986 “Aliens”. Note: Seiko 7A28-7009 is another Sports 100 watch, similar to the  7000 version above, but with red pushers. Its futuristic design is reminiscent of the popular “Aliens” watches. It features orange hands, stick hour indicators, and sub dials at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock marks. Markings on the dial include “SEIKO,” “QUARTZ,” cursive “Chronograph”  and “SPORTS 100.”
  • Just a few years ago, Dell Deaton confirmed that the first watch worn in Dr. No was in fact produced by Gruen Watch Company and was then switched out for a Rolex later in the movie. If you look carefully, this Gruen was the first watch to be worn on set during pre-production and the first day of shooting in the casino scene and when arriving at the airport in Jamaica.  The casino is where Sean Connery uttered his introduction, “Bond, James Bond,” The watch is barely visible under his shirt cuff and can be seen while dealing.

    Sean Connery wearing a diver’s wristwatch in the car ride immediately following the iconic airport scene, films are not necessarily filmed in order. This is why Bond can be seen wearing a different watch in the car scene.

    Some people have also theorized that the watch “showed up in the wrong place.” “Was it wrong for Bond to have arrived at the airport wearing his personal dress watch from the scenes in London? Or was he prematurely accessorized with the diver’s watch for his car ride?”

    The watch worn by Connery as 007, was the Precision 510 featuring a 17-jewel movement with a 34 millimeter gold-filled case. In 1962, this Gruen Precision 510 was a well-functioning, respected, and nice-appearing wristwatch, in fact and in image presented. All things considered. It’s what gentlemen wore in 1962.
  • James Bond (Roger Moore) wears a Seiko 7A28-7020 watch in A View To A Kill (1985). The watch can be briefly spotted in the pre-title sequence when Bond is getting comfortable in the submarine. The Seiko 7A28-7020 has a white dial, three subdials and steel case and steel bracelet. The Seiko 7A28-7020 was the very first analogue quartz chronograph. Contemporary ads proclaimed “Watch history being made” and with the watch photographed against the dashboards of Porsche 911s.
  • The Seiko H357 5040 was used by Bond in the 1981 movie For Your Eyes Only. In the movie Bond receives a message on the digital display. This watch is, like all the Seiko's used in Bond movies, quite rare. the only one correct model Seiko H357 5040, and that is the one pictured here.
  • The Seiko H558-5009 was the first dive watch to feature a digital alarm chronograph with combination analog display. The 5009 indicates USA distribution, the 5000 elsewhere. Its nickname came about because it was a favourite watch of Arnold Schwarzenegger and he wore it in several of his 1980s movies, including Commando (1985), Raw Deal (1986), Predator (1987) and The Running Man (1987). It also appear in James Bond movie A View To A Kill (1985), Roger Moore wears a Seiko H558-5000 with red "DIVERS 150m" stamp on the dial. The watch is on Bond's wrist in Paris (Eiffel Tower scene) but doesn't get a lot of screen time compared to other Seiko watches worn in previous Bond films. In order to build a watch that was rugged enough for the toughest adventures Seiko engineers tested it to -40c and up to +60c. The “Arnie” was a forerunner to the Landmaster series. It was used on adventures to the North and South Poles as well as by an international team of explorers that climbed Everest in 1988.
  • The Pulsar P2 worn by Roger Moore was featured in the Bond movie “Live and Let Die” and it was the the world’s first successful, mass-produced digital watch. The first scene is the only time you’ll see the Pulsar. On the technical side, the first electronic module had 25 ICs (Integrated Chips) and was completely transistorized with no “moving parts”. That in conjunction with the LED digital display started the digital frenzy. We love the unique way you can set the time, placing a horseshoe magnet on the case back. Amazing. It had the capability to show the time (hours, minutes, and seconds) and got popularity during the 70s. A lot of celebrities, including Gianni Agnelli, worn this Pulsar that costs like a Rolex  at the time. The LED technology were later replaced by LCD watches.
  • Tag Heuer 980.031L, another James Bond Watches! A 38mm cased black PVD Heuer Night Diver, signified by the ‘L’ at the end of the model, full lume dial. Directly from the 1987 James Bond film The Living Daylights, staring Timothy Dalton as 007. Thanks to Dell Deaton, a Bond expert, for the identification of the model, who runs the website jamesbondwatches.com. Please note at the time both Heuer and TagHeuer version of this watch were available, you can find them in the gallery.
  • The very first matte black chronograph and the first product created by Porsche Design. This iconic watch was manufactured by Orfina. Porsche Design by Orfina watches were produced from the late 1970s into the 1980s. The Porsche Design timepieces have become icons and have also received a cult-like following due to their automotive association as well as some memorable Hollywood appearances. An early PVD day-date chronograph is seen on the wrist of LT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell played by Tom Cruise in the hit movie "Top Gun" who is wearing an example made by Orfina and branded under Porsche design. Made in the 1980s is a self-winding, water-resistant, PVD-coated stainless steel wristwatch with day/date, round button chronograph, registers, tachometer and a PVD-coated stainless steel link bracelet with deployant clasp. Cal. Lemania 5100.  
  • The watch that appear in Jaws (1975) is an Alsta Nautoscaph produced by the Alstater Watch Company. Most examples were issued with a traditional round case, but some rarer executions utilized a cushion-shaped case instead. In 2017, Alsta Watch Company, manufacturer of the Alsta Nautoscaph divers' watch, has re-awakened after a sleep of almost 40 years by watch connoisseur and actor Angus Macfayden, releasing the Nautoscaph Superautomatic in a limited edition of 1975 pieces .
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